Custom Application Insights Adaptive Sampling Processor for Sitecore

On Azure we have three types of sampling:

  • Adaptive sampling
  • Fixed-rate sampling
  • Ingestion sampling

In my opinion, Adaptive sampling is the best. The volume of telemetry sent from a website to the Application Insights is automatically adjusted to keep within a specified maximum rate of traffic and it is controlled via the MaxTelemetryItemsPerSecond setting.

To achieve the target volume, some of the generated telemetry is discarded. And this can be a problem if we don’t want to reduce some type of logs like AUDIT logs.

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to write a custom telemetry processor for adaptive sampling that will store all AUDIT log lines. Here is the source code of the processor:

public class SitecoreAdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor : AdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor, ITelemetryProcessor
    private ITelemetryProcessor Next { get; set; }

    public SitecoreAdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor(ITelemetryProcessor next) : base(next)
        this.Next = next;

    public SitecoreAdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor(SamplingPercentageEstimatorSettings settings, AdaptiveSamplingPercentageEvaluatedCallback callback, ITelemetryProcessor next) : base(settings, callback, next)
        this.Next = next;

    public new void Process(ITelemetry item)
        if (item is TraceTelemetry trace)
            if (trace.Message.Contains("AUDIT"))

It inherits from original AdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor. You also need to specify ITelemetryProcessor interface. Without it won’t work.

The Process method first checks if telemetry item is of TraceTelemetry type, then if it contains AUDIT in the message. If yes it goes to the next processor in the pipeline. If no, it executes the original adaptive sampling code.

The last thing we need to do is to remove original AdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor from ApplicationInsights.config file and insert our own. We can do that using transform file:

<ApplicationInsights xmlns:xdt="" xmlns="">
    <Add Type="Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.WindowsServer.TelemetryChannel.AdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor, Microsoft.AI.ServerTelemetryChannel" xdt:Transform="Remove" xdt:Locator="Match(Type)"/>
    <Add Type="Example.Portal.Website.Azure.AI.SitecoreAdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor, Example.Portal.Website" xdt:Transform="Insert">

To make sure it works correctly, you can execute this query in the Application Insights Analytics:

| where message contains "AUDIT" 
| where itemCount > 1

If itemCount is greater than 1 it means that log line has been sampled. The query above should return no results.